Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My new TV show is on the air!

I meant to post right after the TV show launch, but I have been too busy do so. It’s like getting a boulder rolling, takes lots of effort. Once the boulder is going it’s not so hard to keep it moving.

The real reason is that I was very surprised and disappointed after doing the first show. I was so excited the night before I hardly slept. Not afraid anymore, just looking forward to doing the show. I felt like I was waiting for Christmas morning. I was expecting it to be like when I MC'd Luz De las Naciones at the Conference Center. Lots of hard work, but when I stood in front of those 25,000 people it was magic.

The TV show didn't feel at all like that. Have you ever noticed a mom with a bunch of little kids she's trying to keep entertained and under some sort of control? That's what it felt like. I was trying to MAKE everything work, make everyone do their part and I felt frustrated. After “processing” all week, I watched the tape of the show once again and realized that I had been trying to force an outcome. So I gave up trying to control what was beyond my control and instead decided to focus on what I did have power over, my attitude.

I set a simple intention (objective) for the next show. I would be present and I would enjoy the ride, every minute. So I did! Interestingly that changed the dynamics and all of a sudden I was able to change things and make decisions that involved others, but were mine to make.

What's interesting is that I believe one of the things that has worked for me, as a parent, is being emotionally present with my children, (recognizing them as human beings, not just "my children") and rarely "forcing" anything. I don't know why I thought it would be different with the Home Team.

If you go to http://www.kjzz.com/entertainment/hometeam/thursday you can watch clips of the show.