Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fried turkey

My cousins fried a turkey and it was the most delicious turkey I have ever tasted! Here is Miguel with the turkey. He did the frying under a beach umbrella, during a Florida downpour. MaConcha, who is the most amazing cook, injected the turkey with "Mojo", (Cuban marinade) I know that made it even more delicious.

I came home and told my family about it. Skyler immediately wanted to fry our Thanksgiving turkey. Missy found out where to get a fryer. Preston researched how to safely fry a turkey . Here they are drying the turkey with a hair dryer.

Sometimes I worry about Skyler's "reckless exhuberance", so I probably reminded him several times of the dangers of hot oil and the importance of lowering the turkey into it slowly. He built this contraption so as to be able to lower the turkey from a distance.

I was concerned that the stick would break, but it worked out perfectly, and since I had brought home some "Cuban Mojo" from Florida, the turkey was amazing!

I use Mojo to marinade pork and beef also. Since I can't find it in my area, I usually have to make my own. You can see the recipe on my Cuba blog: