Thursday, February 25, 2016

Restorative Partner Yoga

Practicing with my friend Renae

Restorative Partner Yoga, or Ayurvedic Restorative Marma Point Partner Yoga.  Or something like that. I will figure it out in time. 

This is the next adventure I've decided to pursue at Bodhi YogaNot sure why, I'm sure it will become clear at some point during the quest, but for now it is enough that we had an amazing 3.5 days of learning and enlightenment. With an amazing group of women. The first of 3 weekends. There are many, many hours of study and practice to come. I'm excited to learn to deepen my practice and assist others in doing the same. 

After this first workshop I felt physically tired and a bit overwhelmed with all the information. However, I experienced a clarity I had not expected. Some issues that had felt burdensome, became less important and I was able to see things with a new perspective. Participating in Restorative Partner Yoga cleared and balanced my chakras. Thank you, Syl and Bodhi Yoga!