Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Just Hands

We were at my 3 year old granddaughter's dance recital. She was adorable in her little costume and so excited for it to begin! 

Meanwhile, her older sister was not quite so happy. Things had not gone as she expected that day, and there were quite a few things "stressing her out". She was getting more and more upset by the minute, as she contemplated the passing of time, and how much homework she had to get done that day. I'm referring to one of the granddaughters who loves restorative partner yoga. 

I knew she was not in the frame of mind for being reminded to relax, or calm down, but I decided to take a chance and ask her if I could work on her hands. She hesitated a moment, ready to say no, but reluctantly allowed me to take her hand. I rubbed and patted Marma points, followed her Sen lines.

The recital began and I continued, then began work on the other hand. It was amazing to watch her calm down.  By the end her attitude had changed completely. She was herself again! 

I am so glad I took the chance. So grateful to have this tool available to assist my loved ones. 

A thousand thankyous to Bodhi Yoga!

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