Friday, March 10, 2017


I recently read a fascinating article by Joseph Pearce. When he was writing Magical Child, he did much research on the role of "play", but couldn't get a satisfactory understanding of why it was needed. In desperation he turned to God in prayer and asked about play. He tells what happened, "This great bolt of energy hit the soles of my feet and I found myself falling through the whole universe, stars and galaxies and everything else--this incredible, ecstatic joy feeling me. It went on and on and on. In fact I could hear myself calling out, 'God is playing with me!' Finally it began to fade and little by little I came back to my ordinary self. And I wept. I literally wept the rest of the night with this huge, joyful gratitude of what I had been given. It was such an ecstatic experience... I knew one thing: play is the whole purpose of life, it is the message of the heart and as long as we play fully and completely everything will work as it is supposed to". 

Immediately I thought of the scripture "Men are that they might have Joy". I believe my heart and spirit already know this, but there is much for my mind to ponder and learn.

I remember reading somewhere that "if you find something you love, and find a way to get paid for it, you'll never work a day in your life". In other words, your work will be play. 

Play vs Work. Doing RPY with an adult is lovely, but it takes effort, there is work involved. Restorative Partner Yoga with a child is pure PLAY and it is joy. I feel so blessed that this has been my experience.

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