Friday, March 17, 2017

Interview with Bri

My grandchildren enjoy being interviewed, and I enjoy asking lots of questions to get to know them better. They call me Abi, short for abuela. The following is an interview of my oldest granddaughter, regarding her experience with Restorative Partner Yoga

1.  When did you first experience Restorative Partner Yoga?

"In the Spring of 2016, Abi had to practice and did it on us. (I love it)"

2. How do you feel about partner yoga?

"Ahhhhh! So relaxing"

3. What would you say are the best uses for RPY?

"Better sleeping, after a workout/sport, after school. Very useful for kids too, because life is long and stressful, but life is also amazing too"

4.  What parts of RPY do you enjoy most?

"Hands, face, arms, some back"

5.  Is there any part of partner yoga you do not enjoy?

"Sometimes the stretches and when we have to hold forearm to forearm because it hurts my arm"

6.  What would you think about being the giver in partner yoga?

"Sometimes, depending on who I give it to, but I like being the one to receive it more"

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