Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sense Energy Lines

10-Sense Energy Lines

"While the Marma Point work is very visceral, and rooted in the physical body, the Sip Sen not only run along lymphatic, vein and arterial capillaries, but also run through the more etherial aspects of body and mind."

Threading and strumming the Sen lines warms the Prana (energy, life force), like warming honey so it will liquify and flow" Restorative Partner Yoga Manual-BodhiYoga

If we think of Marma points as pools or lakes of energy, the Sen lines would be the stream and rivers that connect these pools. Just as a lake without fresh water streaming in gets stagnant, free flow through the Sen lines help the Marmas stay vital.

My grandchildren seem to prefer Marma point work. They complain that strumming or threading of the Sen tickles them. It makes sense as I re read the first sentence, because children tend to be very rooted in the physical body. Maybe that is why being around children grounds me.

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